Staples Credit Card

If you operate on any level of business you most likely have heard of and/or have visited staples. As with any typical office operations, there will always be a need to have something or another within the office that would require a trip to the store. Staples has becomes somewhat of a staple among small and large businesses that are in need of different office supplies in order to operate smoothly at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter if you are buying in bulk or a few things at a time because what really matters is that you are experiencing great prices and quality products.

When it comes to savings, Staples has created the Staples Credit Card in order to make sure that the savings continue to provide benefits for their patrons. The Staples Credit Card has been a part of very many businesses over the years as it has been a huge help in saving funds that could be later used for office parties and other things within the workplace. Staples doesn’t really offer points with their program like so many others do. Instead they offer rewards back for your purchases as well as three tiers to its Staples Credit Card. You would start out at the Base level, and by spending &500 to $999 within a year you move to the Plus level. After you reach the point of spending $1,000 or more with your Staples Credit Card within a year you will reach the Premier or top level of the Staples Credit Card three tier programs.

As you move up the three tiers is when you experience the most rewards and perks with your Staples Credit Card. There are however, some benefits that are still really great that are on each level of the three tier program. For example, recycling ink cartridges with Staples will gain you cash back rewards as well as it does when you use your Staples Credit Card in order to buy ink cartridges as well. They also offer free shipping to everyone with their Staples Credit Card if they will make purchases via the Staples website.


There really are many other ways as well for earning all kinds of rewards with your Staples Credit Card. As you move up the three tier levels you realize more rewards and other benefits each time while also keeping the benefits you had on the previous level as well. There will be times that as you continue purchasing your office supplies with the Staples Credit Card that you will receive multiple cash back rewards in the mail for different parts of the program. This is when you will really get the excitement behind having a card where sometimes the rewards can be combined in order to make a purchase without spending anything at all. As any serious shopper would tell you, shopping is best when it has rewards. Rewards with the Staples Credit Card are in such abundance that we really encourage you to take the time and go through them all to see if the Staples Credit Card would be right for your business needs.